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Greetings Readers!  Thank you for reading my post today.

I want share some of my personal thoughts as I hope to inspire anyone who feels they need a little sign of hope. You are not alone, and you have a choice.

I had a computer that was kind of taken over by my husband at the time.  He put a spy program on it that caused the computer to crash.  I thought I lost so much information, pictures, contacts, poems, stories, my diary, etc….. I had no idea what to do as I was desperate to begin a new life of independence.  My husband at the time was very aware of this.  To say he was not happy about it would be expressing his attitude mildly.

I contacted my cousin knowing his expertise and he helped me to recover all my personal files.  Needless to say the computer was trashed. After almost a year of my poor ancient computer in the hands of my high tech cousin; the file that contained the beginnings of my book had been recovered from that old laptop.

My point is I would like my readers to understand it is important to never give up your dream. No matter how hard your life may have been or still is; you have the opportunity to make the necessary changes to it.  You are only stuck in a situation if that is what you choose to believe.

I started writing down my life experiences just after Thanksgiving of 2008.  I was eager to catch up on it as I was unable to work on it for the last few years due to my life situations.Today my goal is to finish my book by the end of this year and get it published.

The first part of my memoirs begins with my most earliest memories of my childhood and is a rough draft of the first chapter of my life. So far, any critic who has had the privilege of getting a quick read of it, tells me it’s going to make a great movie.  Look for it October of 2013.  “The Day I Met The Devil” by Julianna Evans

I’m  telling the truth about my experiences as well as my thoughts about them. I believe it is  the only way to keep a clear conscience.  I see myself as a warrior who holds my face to the sky with no shame of my mistakes.  In addition my book will include information that is available today that was not available to me, when I was going through these hurdles in my life.

I have learned a lot from my experiences and I continue to learn as life continues to teach me.  Follow the Sheer Julious Network. Join and get in front of the class to independent success.  Life is are best educator as long as we learn from our mistakes.  We need to forgive ourselves and move past our mistakes.  Holding on to them will only drag you down to the bottom of the ocean.  Don’t be a bottom feeder.  You are better than that. This was the very first step I took to get where I am today.  Now I am able to share what I currently do to help others to help themselves.   As I continue to post, I invite you to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Share with me your thoughts as well. It is  extremely rewarding to me to be able to support and assist you with your own journey to becoming a successful and financially stable person.

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Blessings and Light from the Sheer Julious Network

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